neville kicks ass

:) it's been 22 weeks

i just got nudged so i decided to post!!

i'm having a drink and watching a movie with the roomie and friends. it's fun times

i'm still at red lobster, just hit 3 years a few months ago. i'm bartender most of the time now so that is really nice. i'm still single. i've had a few prospects but they all ended up just sucking! my favorite men are still in my life, i heart my guys!!

i have emotions running me ragged lately cause i just don't know what i want to be feeling and what i should be feeling! it's so confusing! yippee

this saturday i'm going to the biggest party ever. it's called party like a rockstar and i'm going dressed up as janis joplin. i'm so excited. my roomie is going to be gwen stefani. drinking, corn hole tournament and karaoke. so much fun fun fun!!

i don't know what else to say right now, i need to go put new pics up on myspace!!

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buffy's innocence


what is up everyone??

i just got back from the parade downtown and dinner with my mom and stepdad and his daughter. it was fun, i got my picture taken with spongebob.

yeah i'm a dork!!

tuesday my roomie and i are having a pre-thanksgiving dinner at our apartment. there is going to be around 20 people here. everyone is bringing stuff and we're going to play games! i'm so excited. so many of my friends can't go home for thanksgiving. it's pretty much a red lobster dinner cause 90% of the people work with me there. should be interesting.

i'm still having relationship issues but that's just the way i am! it's crazy, but i've been writing quite a bit thanks to all the crazy emotions going through me! i might post some of them later cause i actually like some of them!

alright that's all for now
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molly kicks ass

i'm still alive

hi there, i know it's been awhile since i've been on here but i'm a boring person so i thought i would spare you the boredom!!

yeah so i love the new apartment, it's getting comfy and i'm getting it ready for christmas!! yeah i put up some christmasy stuff tonight, i need to go get a christmas tree. we might get a real one, but katie will be in charge of keeping it alive. LOL!!

ok well speaking of christmas i am getting my christmas card list together. so if you know me at all you know that i managed to lose all the addresses i collected last year! plus i think a few people have moved.

oh and a small update on me...i'm still single, still working at the lobster, and still out of my mind!!
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vampire buffy colorful

just random thoughts and ramblings

ugh i'm so tired! just wanted to say HELLO! i'm moving on the 31st of this month, i'm going across town to a better apartment and i will have a roomie! oh yeah it's gonna actually be cheaper for me! rock on!!! 2 bedroom, 2 bath, washer/dryer, pool, fitness center, tennis courts!! yay so excited. plus it's closer to work and closer to all my friends

i haven't worked this much since last christmas season. 42 hours this week!! my manager said he had my back on the overtime and that i wouldn't get in trouble. we're supposed to be written up if we get overtime unless it's approved. yeah, it's fun times. but last night i was bartender. i've never been that busy behind the bar. we actually ran out of bud light at one point and had to make a manager do a BEER run(to the bar cooler, which is on the complete opposite end of the restaurant)! but i had fun and forgot what it was like to work 12 hour days!

sat at a friend's house last night and drank pineapple rum with diet mt. dew (very good by the way)!! we also played some guitar hero, i rocked out some "carry on wayward son"!!! oh yeah 91% baby!!! yeh i love that game. then we just sat and talked and gossiped for the next 2 hours! GREAT times! i'm a dork

:) okie dokie talk to you all later
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sort too soon


how is everyone??

i have my computer back(again) yeah remind me to never personally buy a DELL.

i have seen the new harry potter twice(once in IMAX), good movie, but as always the book was better. the end battle in 3D rocked though!!!

i'm reading deathly hallows for the second time, very good book. i was disappointed in the epilogue, but most of the answers i wanted i have managed to get from a few interviews with JKR. oh yeah and then she's gonna eventually do an encyclopedia so that's cool!

everything has been alright lately. i'm still working like crazy at the lobster. should start my voyage through management training in the next few weeks. i'm bartending a lot more lately! i'm still single! woo! got a haircut yesterday, and then i colored it. I LOVE IT!!

on a sad note, a few weeks ago i found out that a guy i went to harlaxton with died at the beginning of the month. he was an awesome guy, unique and very talented. i saw him once after harlaxton and i hate to say haven't talked to him since. i heard stories about his craziness and music after haralxton. He will be missed!

all for now.
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just a song

finally listened to this...had for weeks before i opened it. i like this song.

"Someday You Will Be Loved"
===Death Cab for Cutie===

I once knew a girl
In the years of my youth
With eyes like the summer
All beauty and truth
In the morning I fled
Left a note and it read
Someday you will be loved.

I cannot pretend that I felt any regret
Cause each broken heart will eventually mend
As the blood runs red down the needle and thread
Someday you will be loved

You'll be loved you'll be loved
Like you never have known
The memories of me
Will seem more like bad dreams
Just a series of blurs
Like I never occurred
Someday you will be loved

You may feel alone when you're falling asleep
And everytime tears roll down your cheeks
But I know your heart belongs to someone you've yet to meet
Someday you will be loved

You'll be loved you'll be loved
Like you never have known
The memories of me
Will seem more like bad dreams
Just a series of blurs
Like I never occurred
Someday you will be loved
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Logan the day after

(no subject)

yes i've noticed that i only post after 3 am and only when i can't sleep!

oh well!

i've been thinking lately about everything and everyone, i ran across my harlaxton poster tonight. the one that everyone signed, i got all teary-eyed and realized i've moved on and that sucks! i miss you all !!

i have kinda officially came out of the closet, i'm bi! i think i've known for quite awhile. if you knew me at all at UE you probably knew too. i distinctly remember a few people telling me life would be so much easier if i just came out already..jay i think that was you! haha!! anyways, i'm out to most of my friends and that's it! i haven't technically told my mom but all she has to do is look at my myspace!

i'm tired and rambling. sorry for that!!

i'm seriously considering moving to new orleans next summer/fall! the friend i stayed with last time i "lived" there wants to move back and wants me to be his roomie. it would be good for me, i think! i mean i would go crazy for the first few months cause i won't be able to see the people i see everyday, the friends that have helped when i didn't think anyone would be there! my adam's and my way way!! and my mal and anna! they get me through the day and leaving them would kill me!!

i miss all you guys too! i think about so many of you all the time. rachel and sara and jaya and corey and jen and jen and could i not think about my hubby!!

oh and if you didn't know, i'm a Myspace fanatic. so if you have it, find me and add me cause i check it about 2000 times more than LJ(if you haven't noticed i barely get on here)

ok then, i have to wake up in like 4 and a half hours and spend like 10 hours at work! off to try and sleep again
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Category: Life

i really have no idea what i want to say in this but i need to say something. it's almost 2am and i don't want to go to sleep cause i know i just have to wake up.

i want to be happy again, i really do. i'm getting close. of course then i think about whether i was as happy as i thought i was. how many times do i just want to lay down and cry. why? i never have a reason that i can actually put into words, i just do it.

i hate being hurt, but most of all i hate when my friends get hurt becasue of something that has to do with me. it's amazing how little drama there would be in my life right now if i would have made a few different choices just a few months ago.

good news though is that my brother is moving to evansville with sarah and the doggie and the kitty! i missed my brother. i love that he's happy again.

Oh and more good news, Squirl came to see me today. she got me out of the house and we talked. we gossiped casue that's what i seem to be good at lately, yeah! it's amazing how much she knows about a place she doesn't work at anymore, she knew shit i didn't even know.

jason and me with help from anna have decided on my new tattoos. they are going to be so frikkin' cute and so me!!
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guitar giles


hey i colored my hair tonight....burgundy again. i like that color!

umm nothing much to talk about. work is driving me crazy as usual. still single. i'm going to be an aunt again. my other brother might be getting married...again!!

ok going to watch Marie Antoinette now.

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